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Experts in the identification, qualification, and deployment of hard-to-find, niche IT talent.

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We are Niche IT recruiting specialists

PurpleSquirrelIT has been connecting niche IT talent and top employers for over 10 years. We've worked with over 150 Fortune 1000 companies over the past 3 years alone.

Finding niche IT talent is all we do.

‍‍‍What does your Purple Squirrel look like?

Every company has a need for one... so what does your's look like?

Fill out the form on the right, identifying what your ideal Purple Squirrel looks like. Using the information given we will search through expansive networks and come back to you with real candidate options, and include an estimated price and timeline to deliver.

PurpleSquirrelIT is the specialty recruiting division of GlobalSourceIT. This division's sole focus is on the discovery and delivery of niche IT contract resources.

We find...

...We test and vet...

...and then deliver

Identification and Delivery of hard-to-find Niche IT ‍‍‍contractors.‍‍‍

Purple Squirrel

[pur-puh l] [skwur-uh l]

Is a term used by employment recruiters to describe job candidates with precisely the right education, experience and qualifications that perfectly fits a job's multifaceted requirements.

The implication is that the perfect candidate is as rare as a real-life purple squirrel. In theory, this prized "purple squirrel" could immediately handle all the expansive variety of responsibilities of a job description with no training and would allow business to function with fewer workers.

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