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We have a dedicated team that only finds “impossible to find” candidates

Finding a PurpleSquirrel requires a microscope not binoculars.

We’re not your average staffing company. We don’t broadly look at the same job board everyone has access to, and move on to a new “fresh” requirement if we can’t identify the right talent. We investigate, research, and network to find the talent you need. Our biggest value is that we don’t find commodity IT talent, we only work in the hard to find ERP space. We understand your world because we live in it to.

We provide the lowest risk,because all we look for are mid level and SME niche IT professionals.

Each candidate is vetted and tested to match the position needs.

Internal Subject Matter Experts

Resume Plagerism Tools

Skill Testing

2835 N Mayfair Rd. 3rd Floor Milwaukee, WI 53222   Info@PurpleSquirrelIT.com

About Us     |     I Need A Squirrel    |     I Am A Squirrel

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